Every Day Is Halloween

Every day is Halloween. Every morning, we wake up, stare into the mirror and wonder what facade would best suit our personalities today. We shuffle downstairs and out the door into the blinding lights of reality and are greeted by a plethora of faces, none looking quite the same as they did the day before. Because we are all constantly adapting, attempting to fit into a new mold, impress a new crowd, begin a new journey. We walk past our neighbors and friends and strangers as though they are one in the same. All wearing masks, none ready to reveal to the world their full and true selves. And we silently wonder if this will ever change, if the world will ever develop the strength and bravery to uncover its true colors, if people will ever walk around displaying all their true thoughts and feelings and emotions on their sleeves for the world to see. We wonder if the world will ever take a stand and fight back against the madness and the stereotypes and the judgments, like we believe we did ourselves. We wonder and wait.

And then morning comes. And you wake up, stare into the mirror and wonder what facade would best suit your personality today. And you realize every day, for everyone, will always be Halloween.


2 thoughts on “Every Day Is Halloween

  1. Very insightful, and true. It is hard sometimes to reveal who we really are for fear that we won’t be liked, or made fun of. If everyone could accept each person as a unique and special individual, it would go far in making this world a kinder and better place. Also, I don’t want you to think I am using this as a self-promotion, but I just posted a piece on bullying entitled “Stand Up and Do Something”. It is rather personal, as my son gave me permission to share a letter he wrote concerning his feelings as he was going through that difficult time. I know in the past you wanted to know if I would be interested in sharing some of the things our family endured during that time in our lives. I would still be interested in doing so. I have just been dealing with my fibro for awhile, and have not felt very well, but would like to still accept your offer if it is still available. Just let me know how and if you still would like me to do so. Thanks again for keeping people aware of what is going on out there. For that, you are a true hero, and hopefully will save lives in the process. Take care, Kim

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