Waiting for Superman

This is always my favorite time of the year. Aside the fact that it’s my birthday month and the Libra inside me is in full force (yes, I believe in horoscopes), October is a month of restoration and renewal. The leaves change colors and start to shed and remind us all of our ability to flex and adapt to the unforeseen circumstances that make up this thing we call life.

We all change without even realizing. Even if it’s subtle, we are all constantly adapting to new challenges and shedding past components to make room for the rebirth of new ones. Each month, each day, each hour brings about so much growth and development. With each second that passes by, we have the amazing ability to build upon our inner strength. We are all constantly reforming and rebuilding, and though we may not always have it all together, there is something beautiful about the uncertainty, and, sometimes, we even find ourselves craving it.

So, don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid if you fell out of touch with people you once thought would always be by your side. They probably weren’t the ones who will help you form your best memories, who will change your life for the better and make your face crinkle with laugh lines. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. Follow your passion, even if others don’t understand at the time. Don’t be afraid to start a new venture. The best things in life always happen when we’re least expecting them. Don’t be afraid to be the first to speak in a quiet room. In a world where so few use their voices, it is imperative that we raise ours without hesitation, every chance we get. Don’t be afraid to laugh at the top of your lungs, and let the world watch in wonder.

Embrace happiness. Don’t shy away from it. You are the sole person in charge of your emotions, your actions, your words, your decisions, your life. In a world where everything moves in the blink of an eye, take a moment to absorb those fleeting moments, the moments that you’ll look back on in the coming years and tell stories about to your family and reminisce about with your friends.

And, lastly, don’t rely on others for your courage, but don’t shut the world out, either. Yes, believing and trusting in others will hurt you sometimes, but don’t let the bad people who hurt you, the former friends who made you doubt your beliefs in yourself and in the goodness in this world, ruin your chances at starting new friendships and trusting new faces.

I guess what I’m saying is embrace life’s surprises, good and bad.

And, in no time at all, you’ll start to realize that the hero you’ve been searching for all these years is hiding right inside of you.

“And she smiles, oh the way she smiles

She’s talking to angels, she’s counting the stars

Making a wish on a passing car

She’s dancing with strangers, she’s falling apart

Waiting for Superman to pick her up

In his arms”



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