Tweeting Teenagers Inspiration

Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 5.45.49 PMKeeping up with the theme of inspirational teenagers trying to make a difference and help stop bullying, let me introduce you to 16-year-old Jessica.

Jessica started a Twitter account last September, @SelfHarm_Advice, formally known as DM Your Confessions. A bullied victim herself, she saw the Twitter platform as an opportunity to help spread positivity and fight back against bullying. Here’s her story:

A Friend In Need

I started my account last September, because one of my friends suffered from depression and anxiety, and she regularly self-harmed. I felt like I didn’t do enough to help her, even though there wasn’t much I could do, except support her and be there for her.

An Account Is Born

I just felt that there should be an account on Twitter that people like her could go to, like a friend who would never judge and always try to help. I wanted to make a difference and to help others.

The Message Behind The Account

The account is mainly for tweeting confessions anonymously that my followers are too scared or insecure to tweet themselves. My followers Direct Message me, and I tweet their confessions and then do my best to help them as much as possible. Sometimes, I hold competitions. For example, my followers tweeted things that make them happy along with the hashtag #GiveALittleLove, and I sent them cards with their tweet and a “Stay Strong” message. 

Who Contacts Her

Lots of the Direct Messages I receive on Twitter are about bullying, and it needs to be stopped. It’s horrible: the things that one human being can inflict on another and the tragic effects that it can lead to.

A Victim of Bullying Herself 

I used to be bullied when I was younger by “The Populars,” though not as severely as some other stories I’ve heard. I know how much it can affect people. The bullying was mainly just mocking me and whispering about me behind my back. I felt like I had no one to trust, no friends. But like I said, it never got as bad as experiencing death threats or physical abuse.

How She Coped & Her Advice to Others

As I’ve grown older, I guess I’ve learnt to ignore it all and believe in myself.

Never believe anything that bullies tell you. Keep your head held high. Their mission is to see you crumble, and they’ll tell you anything to see that happen. They tear you down, because they are insecure about themselves. If you are being bullied, please stay strong, talk to a friend or an account like me. Never suffer in silence. You are not alone in this.

The Future Is Bright

In the future, I strive to continue helping as many people as I can, so that the bullies can’t win. I just want to spread the love and let my followers and anyone else who is struggling with bullying to know that they are worth so much more than the bullies make them feel.

You’re doing a beautiful thing, Jessica. No bullying is ever acceptable, whether it is in the form of soft whispers or harsh blows. No one ever has the right to make you feel inferior or not good enough. If you let them affect you, you let them win. Stay strong. Let’s all continue to work together to get this to stop. The bullying may not end, but the torment can. And every person can make a difference.



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