A-Lo Debuts New Single, “Alive”

How many of you out there are searching for inspiration, for a reason to keep going? Where do you look for that inspiration? Do you look in the eyes of your loved ones, in a passage of your favorite book? Or do you look for inspiration in the lyrics of a song?

Angelo Marchelletta, better known by his fans as A-Lo, turned to music to help stop bullying, and his new single, “Alive,” will be released later this week, but, as a special treat to my readers, he was kind enough to allow me, and all of you, to listen to it exclusively on belittlethebullies by clicking the “Alive” link at the bottom of this page!

The message behind the lyrics is clear, and the accompanying music video should prove just as compelling: we need to stop bullying, and we need everyone’s help and support in order to do so.

Marchelletta did not have the easiest upbringing. Growing up in the rough neighborhoods of West Windsor, Canada, Marchelletta recalls that you were either the “tough guy” or the one who got picked on. A victim of both vicious physical fights and verbal bullying, Marchelletta says, “I got bullied to the point where I just learned how to stand up for myself.”

Today, the 27-year-old boasts more than 30,000 followers on Twitter and more than 3,000 likes on his Facebook fan page, with numbers on both sites increasing on a daily basis. His smooth voice is cathartic and his music has an iconic feel, infusing rap with a bit of a rock metal undertone. And Marchelletta writes all his own songs, which is probably why the lyrics ring so honest and true.

In the music video that will accompany “Alive,” Marchelletta draws from his own experiences with bullying by showing scenes that promote acceptance and equality for all. He says the video will feature intertwining story lines, including one that shows his support for gay rights, along with an uplifting quote that Marchelletta wrote himself. The quote will weave seamlessly through the different scene shots and read: “A person’s worth should not be judged by appearance or lifestyle.”

And now with a two-month-old son, Mason, to take care of at home, Marchelletta is striving to be the voice that bullied victims are dying to hear.

So, what would Marchelletta tell Mason if he is unfortunate enough to experience the effects of bullying? “That’s a really scary question,” he says. “I’d rather people stand up to make a point and stop the bullying instead of fighting. I’d tell him to speak up. To tell somebody. Tell a teacher. However you can resolve the situation without violence. Violence is not the answer.”

Marchelletta is using his life passion to stand beside those who are not yet strong enough to stand alone. Every day, he works to inspire others with his words and to remind others to never give up on their lives, their dreams, their promises of tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “A-Lo Debuts New Single, “Alive”

    • You can buy it on iTunes! If its not up there already, it will be shortly. And I’ll be posting the official music video on here in a bit. Be sure to be on the lookout and thanks for reading! 🙂

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