What Mark Will You Leave On This World?

I meet friends in the most awesome of places. Jason Schemmel, owner of ENTRPRSR, reached out to me a few weeks ago via Twitter and asked if I would like to submit a post on “Share Your Mark,” a current project he is working on. Share Your Mark offers people the chance to share their stories with the world. What are you doing to make a difference? What are you doing to make this world a better and safer place for our children to grow up in than the world we know now?

So, I told him about belittlethebullies, and I wanted to share what I wrote with all of you. And I wanted to encourage you all to share your mark, as well. Kindness can win. Decency can win. Equality can win. But only if we all stand together.


As someone who was bullied for the majority of her adolescence, I founded belittlethebullies.wordpress.com in an effort to help children find their voice, their reason to fight on. I remember, one afternoon, I came home from school hysterically crying. I sat down at the kitchen table and told my mom, “I don’t understand why they all hate me so much.” When I was an adolescent, in the midst of all these mean-spirited acts, I assumed the role of victim. Who wouldn’t? When so many of your peers are verbally attacking you and criticizing your every move, it is easy to feel defeated, to feel as if you don’t matter, to feel as though whatever mold you don’t seem to fit into is holding you back in life… to feel as though you are not enough. Well, the truth is, you are more than enough.

Bullies are cowards. It took me years to acquire the strength to understand that fact. I went through a majority of my teen years feeling insecure and inadequate. I had a loving support system in my family, especially my mom. But all the hateful comments, the side-glance stares, weighed heavily on my heart and soul. I became a product of their taunting, and it took a lot of encouragement and love and support from my family and few close friends to mold me into the strong individual I am today.

Which is why I created belittlethebullies. I want to be that support system for some boy or girl currently facing the struggles I once faced. I’ve always had a passion for writing, so creating a blog in which I not only shared my struggles, but offered words of support and encouragement through stories and poems and musings always seemed like the most logical approach. If my blog helps one person, if my words are able to reach one individual, I will consider it all to be worth the while.

Though bullying may never end, the hurting can. I believe to have great integrity and great heart is to have great character, and I write to give others the strength to fight on.


“I know it’s been raining on you since you were 17.

The waters rose up so high that you lost your meaning.

I miss the summer when the air was so thin… I saw you come alive.

What would it take to turn that light on?

Turn it on, turn it on, on….”


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