Resurrecting from a Breakdown

A good friend looked to me for advice yesterday, looked to me for comfort and support. She said to me that this world feels so lonely lately. This bright, talented, strong young woman felt broken and beaten down, confused and lost in the world’s sheer immensity and uncertainty.

And I tried to comfort her and be the pillar of support I believe she needed, but the truth is, this is life, and I would be lying if I said I always have it together. I would be lying if I never feel scared and confused about my future. I would be lying if I said I never feel lonely.

I think we all feel lonely from time to time, and that’s more than all right. We all have those nights in which the dead silence and darkness screams thoughts that our minds had put on the back burner throughout the day. We all wonder if there’s more out there for us than the life we’re currently living. We all wonder if we’re doing this right.

I firmly believe that anyone has the power to change his or her destiny at any moment in time. Each morning we wake up to new chances and fresh starts. If you don’t like the person you were yesterday, don’t be that person today or tomorrow or ever again. If you are unhappy, think abut what it is that would make you feel better, that would reignite that spark in your soul, and go pursue it. And if you feel lonely, never lose hope and never feel ashamed. Chances are there are more people out there willing to step in and help you pick up the pieces than you even realize.

Nothing is permanent in this world. Just as every moment is fleeting, every emotion is temporary. Don’t let one day, one circumstance, define you. Never let one person, one action, dictate the rest of your life choices.

Every day is a new beginning. And today just started. So make the most of it. Adjust your attitude and take charge of your life. There are bright horizons around every corner. You just have to be willing to acknowledge them.

“See how it feels bad now but it’s gonna get better, someday.


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