How Do You Feel?

I am so sorry I haven’t written a post in so long! Between the holidays, and all the drama those always seem to bring, and starting an exciting new job, I just haven’t found a minute to clear my mind and write for you all! It’s no excuse, but thank you for being so patient with me, and I promise I won’t neglect you all for so long again.


There is one rule in my theoretical rulebook that you can never break if you wish to stay connected with me. It is a rule that I have fought internally to attain, and it is my one rule on which I will never compromise. You can never tell me how to feel. In any given situation.

This rule was definitely tried and tested over the holidays, which, as sad as I am to admit it, is the real reason why it has taken me so long to fill new virtual pages with my writing. I didn’t have the heart at the time, and I never want to write a post to you all when my heart is not one-hundred percent in it. I care too much about you and the advice and stories and life I pour into these pages.

Why is telling someone how to feel such a big deal-breaker in my book? Because you do not have the right. It’s as simple as that. Whatever someone else is going through, you could not possibly understand. You may have been in similar situations, you may think that you know some theoretical solution to the problem, but none of that gives you the leverage to tell someone how to feel.

People deal with situations in their own ways with their own coping mechanisms. I, for one, usually joke about a situation when it’s causing me tension or stress. Whereas you might cry. There is no right or wrong way to cope, and there is no predetermined, universal set of steps you can follow.

I know I might seem like I’m talking in circles, and it might frustrate some of you that I won’t just come right out and tell you what real-life situation over the holidays spurred this blog post. But the reason I’m not sharing it with all of you, is because it does not matter. The situation itself is not the point of the post. The point of this post is to tell all of you out there who may be going through a difficult time in your lives that you have the right to feel anything you want. Cry, laugh, scream… try to release the emotions in healthy ways, but release the emotions you want to feel. Are you angry? It’s okay to be angry. Are you scared? Depressed? Agitated? It’s all okay. And it’s all going to be okay. You can work through whatever it is, and there will be better and brighter things on your horizon.


“The world I love, the trains I hop to be part of the wave. Can’t stop! Come and tell me when it’s time to…”


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