It’s In the Water, Baby

Hello, my ever patient readers. It’s been long, far too long, but in my defense, Hurricane Sandy left me stranded for the past two weeks. Today I returned to my beloved city, and as I walked the familiar streets, I smiled to myself as I realized how much I genuinely missed this place when, not too long ago, New York was a place I despised, a place I would never dare to call… home.

The hurricane gave me a lot of time to think. The hurricane helped me understand what (who) is really important to me, and what I really want out of this crazy, beautiful thing we call life. It’s funny how eighty mile an hour winds will do that to you.

This past week, I made a lot of decisions. As I watched the devastation on the news, and saw for my own eyes the havoc Sandy wreaked all throughout my local towns, I was so thankful to still have my family and the people I call dear friends safe and by my side.

Every little text meant the world. Every little Facebook message. Every email. Every phone call. (Though I have to say, the phone calls came few and far. What is it with this generation’s lack of ability to communicate via telephone. In the wake of mass destruction, sometimes all I wanted to hear was your voice.) People I had not seen in years opened their doors to me, should I have needed a safe place to stay.

And, in the wake of this storm, I saw a rebirth in the kind-heartedness of humanity. And I saw a rebirth in myself. I’ve come a long way from the girl I was two years ago… from the girl I was two weeks ago. And I am finally starting to understand what it is I want most for myself, and who it is I need to be in my company along this journey.



March brought a necessary wake-up call. June brought the promise of tomorrow. September brought resilience. And Sandy welcomed the reawakening. And, for that, she has my utmost gratitude.

“It’s in the water, baby. It’s in your frequency. It’s in the water, baby. It’s between you and me.”


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