Early Review of Annie Fox’s “Teaching Kids To Be Good People”

It’s really amazing how you can meet people nowadays. Annie Fox, M.Ed., and I were introduced to each other through Twitter a few months ago; a re-tweet led to a follow led to a few pleasantries every couple of weeks or so. An author and educator, Fox works to belittle the bullies every day of her life, so you can imagine how we were immediately drawn to one another. She recently gave me the honor to read and write an early review of her latest book, “Teaching Kids To Be Good People.” Follow her on Twitter and she will e-mail you a personal announcement as to when the book will become available to the public, which should be soon!

Below is my review of her book. I strongly suggest everyone pick up a copy of this book as soon as it hits the shelves. It is sure to inspire.

In a world that so often seems full of malicious intents and cowardly actions, it is refreshing to encounter a writer who still believes in the good and kind-heartedness that quietly simmers within the depths of humanity’s soul. Simply put, Annie Fox’s “Teaching Kids To Be Good People”is an insightful piece of work that looks to understand the minds of the younger generation and how we can all work together to make this world a better, and safer, place to live. 

I have to admit that when I first started to read, I had my doubts. How can a book, how can someone’s words, teach parents how to better educate their children without sounding too condescending or like a self-help book for dummies? But I was hooked when Fox answered my questions by providing readers with an interactive experience–one in which she continuously engages readers in the conversation while showing that she, too, is not perfect, and we are all constantly learning how to better improve ourselves so that we may be good role models for the younger generations.

We all make mistakes. We all yearn for comfort. And we all wish we could live lives free of harm and pain and malice. Fox mentions in one of the earlier chapters of her book that she feels children live in a world in which every day is Halloween. Every child is always wearing a mask, struggling to come to terms with his or her true identity. E.E. Cummings said it best: “To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best night and day to make you anybody else means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.” To teach our kids to be good people, we have to show them that goodness roots itself in the heart of integrity. To be comfortable in your own skin and to place great value on your self-worth will lead to the development of great character. And, with great character, respect–both for you and for others–will follow suit.

For my followers reading this review, you all know that I have been adamant since day one in my expression that I believe we live in a world in which we all, at times, switch roles between playing bullies and victims. No one is perfect, and the person who claims he/she has no flaws is seriously naive for choosing to believe so. And Fox, like me, does not sugarcoat this reality. 

Fox writes, “Our children are growing up in a world that is much scarier, faster, louder, and meaner than the one we knew during childhood. They see fewer adults who model social courage.” Let’s change that, shall we? Let’s become the role models our children seek. I believe her book to be a necessary read for anyone willing to help shape the futures of our society into the respectful adults we so desperately need more of in this world.



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