The Hope and Fear of Reawakenings

Hello, followers! Bear with me on the layout of this post… I’m working off my new iPad and still learning the ins-and-outs of how to successfully operate belittlethebullies on this thing!

Below is a poem I wrote some time early in June. It’s meaning is up for the individual’s interpretation. When I first sat down and let these words release from my heart, I was 100% positive that I would never let this poem find its way to the virtual pages of this blog. But, upon rereading it this evening, I now see some hidden meanings that I did not see when I first created the piece… Some of which I think are more an applicable to any followers reading my posts in hopes of reawakening some pieces of their souls that tell them to keep fighting. Isn’t it funny how writing is so fickle? It’s the one thing I truly love about writing poetry. The meaning of your words can continuously change, and can ALWAYS offer new insights into what’s really going on in your mind. But, I digress.

To me, on this day and at this time, this poem was written by a version of myself who was longing for answers as to why people who, for the longest time, can seem like they are the ones that get you, that they are the ones that will stay with you through thick and thin, suddenly change.. And, with that change, leave you alone, puttering around in a wake of betrayal and confusion. Shortly put, we always say that people change, and we usually say it as though it’s a bad thing. “She’s not the person I once knew.” “I don’t even recognize him anymore.” But we, too, change as we criticize former friends for doing the exact same thing. And, perhaps, this change occurs so that we continue to walk down a path that will lead us to better and more exciting interactions. In a world where everything seems but a fleeting memory, we should take comfort in the fact that change is normal. And change, as the saying goes, is the only constant we will ever know. And it is not something to fear.

What I’m trying to tell you, is that the experiences happen for a reason. For every heartbreak and mistake and challenge you are forced to endure, you will become a better person, a stronger person, in the long run. Life, and the people we meet and encounter, does not always take us down an easy road. But every experience is worth the while. For, something better is right around the corner.

Without further ado….

All I search for are answers.. But when I find them, they’re not good enough.
All I yearn for is comfort, but it times of solace
I scream for the reawakening.
All I wanted was for you.
For you to understand.

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