A Disease of the Heart

Now, I have never dabbled much in poetry… especially publicly. But I wrote this earlier this morning while on the train, and I wanted to share with all of you. There is something so wonderful about this style of writing. It allows the writer to, in a way, overextend her expressions in a simple and understated manner of reasoning. So many emotions and memories and theories on bullying arose within me when I sat down and put pen to paper to create this. I hope you enjoy; and, more importantly, I hope many–if not all of you reading this–can take something away from it.

Walk in fear while the others constantly breathe in your ear

Sit and wait until one day they meet their fate

Integrity, strength and pride

I want nothing more than you to look me in the eye

Face the coward who lies within

You are nothing if you cannot understand the severity of your sins.

Bullies beware

We will no longer sit on the sidelines

This is now your burden to bear

Instead of pushing and shoving

Instead of using malice and hate

Understand that you should not judge

Those who juggle more than you will ever know on their plates

Kindness and decency

Respect is sublime

We will not stand for the jealousy.

You will take up no more of our time.


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