Dear Someone, Dear Anyone

You have greatness inside of you. We all do. But it can be hard to realize. I think that, sometimes, one of the hardest abilities in life can be the power to recognize your own potential, your own worth, your own beauty. But you possess it all. So now embrace it. Now own it.

A person who I am lucky to call a good friend showed up at my apartment the other day with a surprise. She sat me down and began to read a beautiful letter, one that she had written to me and one that she wished to address in person. In the letter, she spoke of my good qualities, she spoke of my worth, my potential; she spoke of my beauty, as she sees it through her eyes. As she read the letter, I smiled, tears of happiness and thankfulness and appreciation silently trickling down my face.

When she finished, she looked up and told me that she wanted me to realize how important I am to her and that I have strength and character far beyond what I sometimes allow myself to believe. She told me that the letter was to remind me that there are still good people in the world, and that I should never let the bad ones try to diminish my integrity.

And now, I want to pass this along to all of you. I dare you to sit down and write a letter. Write it to someone you truly care about—a friend, a sibling, a parent, a teacher, a partner. And then deliver it to that person and read the contents of the letter aloud. Let them know how much you care and don’t be afraid to open up. We only have this one life, and it is the risks that we don’t take and the kind words that we don’t say that we will later regret.

The song that I am pairing with this post is “Don’t Wait,” by Dashboard Confessional. Chris Carrabba encourages his listeners to never wait to lay their armor down. I always listen to this song when I need to be reminded that life is short and that every life choice I make will have an impact on someone, even if that person just be myself. So, make each decision with great care. You never know whose life you will have an impact on.


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